Fire and Ice Update: Check Disbursement Time! | Corona, CA

At our June 26th meeting, we disbursed our funds collected at our annual Fire and Ice Chili Cook Off and Craft Beer Festival. This is by far the favorite meeting of the year for most of us in Circle City Rotary. Over $22,000 was given away to local non-profits. And all of the books that we collect year round were given to Sue Nichols, the librarian at Rosa Parks elementary school in Eastvale. We can’t wait till next year’s Fire and Ice Festival on Sat. February 29th, leap year, to be bigger and better than ever, so we can give even more away!!

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Guest Speakers: Maykala Sullivan and Brian Young | Corona, CA

At our June 19th meeting, we had two speakers. First speaker was Maykala Sullivan, who is fellow Rotarian Don Garling’s granddaughter. Maykala attends Santiago High School and she wrote an award-winning 4 Way speech which she read to our club. Her speech was about bringing awareness to mental health issues in teens. Mental health is at an all-time high in the U.S. Anxiety, depression and stress are the three growing issues in our society. Maykala is advocating for a course in mindfulness to be taught in schools. Mindfulness can and does improve the lives of people who suffer from mental issues. Congratulations Maykala, for your very informative and award winning speech. And thank you for shedding some much needed light on this topic.

Our second speaker was fellow Rotarian Brian Young. Brian is the Corona City Fire Chief. Brian shared with us about a new initiative that Corona Fire is working on. It has to do with the Corona Fire Department working with other local agencies concerning the wildlife interface. The city of Corona abuts with 12 miles of the Cleveland National Forest. The new non-profit formed is The Fire Safe Council. Local Home Owners Associations are invited to join the council. There are currently 87 HOAs that share a border with the CNF. Brian also talked about steps we can take as homeowners to protect against wildlife fire. He also discussed the new fire department app called Pulse Point. This app lets you know where and when an emergency is unfolding in our city. Any time the Fire department is called out, it shows up on Pulse Point. Thank you Brian, for all you do in keeping residents safe. And for sharing this important information with our club.

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Guest Speakers: Dr. Antonio Gonzalez, Patrick Chao, Eric Lee and Kristian Johnson | Corona, CA

Our June 12th speakers were the STEM(science, technology, engineering and math) teachers of Corona High School. Dr. Antonio Gonzalez is the principal of Corona High. He introduced the following teachers, Patrick Chao, Eric Lee, and Kristian Johnson. Patrick is STEM coordinator and the computer/science teacher for the program. This is the first year that Corona High School has a computer program. It’s being funded by Amazon. They had an executive from Amazon come to the school to talk to the students about coding. Eric is teaching engineering. This is the oldest program being offered in the STEM academy. They bought the rights to teach PLTW- Project Lead The Way, which teaches engineering students to become tomorrow’s problem solvers. They revamp the curriculum every 3 years so it’s always up to date. Kristian teaches math, aerospace engineering and robotics. They also teach biomedical science, all sorts of fields. The curriculum changes every year. Healthcare careers is another pathway they teach. Like nursing and how to be a first responder. There are also automotive careers. The auto shop has been completely updated so it will be a new shop for when the students return to school. There is an aviation program. Corona High has more FAA approved flight simulators than most schools and some colleges. A lot of these students receive scholarships upon graduation so they can continue in the field they wish to study. PLTW tracks the students to see where they go to college and into what field of study. This was very interesting to learn about all the exciting subjects being taught at Corona High School. You could see the passion these teachers, along with their principal, have about their profession.

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Guest Speaker: Russ March | Corona, CA

At our last meeting our speaker was Russ March, principal at Victress Bower School for Exceptional Children.  Russ is very passionate about his students and his project.  It is called the Mobility Project.  Russ works at a school where most of  the students are mobility challenged.  The students have several pieces of equipment each that take up a lot of space in a very limited classroom. What this project is about, is to install lift systems in the ceiling of each of the classrooms.  It is vitally important for these students to be upright, so their circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems can function properly.  The students are unable to assist the staff in getting into their equipment.  The ceiling lift systems are typically safer to use than any other type.  They are very expensive.  Russ started the project 2 years ago when the school used $15,000 of their General Fund budget to install a lift system in their Mobility/Sensory Room.  The students go there to experience sound, smell, tactile and visual stimulation which calms them.  Russ is looking to team up with other local non-profits in the area, such as Rotary clubs. With this monetary help, his dream of putting ceiling lifts in all the classrooms can be realized.  We were all inspired with Russ’ vision.

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Guest Speaker: Ross Newhan | Corona, CA

Last week’s speaker was Ross Newhan.  Ross is a fellow Rotarian in the Corona Rotary group.  He is a retired sports writer for the Los Angeles Times. He had a long career there for 35 years.  Ross regaled us with stories of legendary baseball figures, that he covered while writing for the LA Dodgers and LA/Anaheim Angels baseball teams.  He also said that he got on Tommy Lasorda’s nerves quite a few times.  Ross also wrote about several Olympic games and several Triple Crowns.  He says he only had one job his entire career and that he was very lucky. He has always had a passion for the written word. He was the sports editor for his high school paper.  He didn’t have a clue what to do in life when he graduated from high school.  He started to write for a local newspaper in Long Beach. He began writing there and kept getting bigger and bigger assignments. He enrolled in Long Beach State, in case “this journalism thing” didn’t work out. When the Angels team formed, Ross was assigned to write for the team.  He got to meet former President Dwight Eisenhower at the Angels spring training camp in Palm Springs.  He ended up interviewing him.  Ross has too many favorite players to be able to pick only one.  In 2001 he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in the writer’s wing.  He currently writes a blog called, Newhan on Baseball.  We all laughed with Ross that this “ journalism thing” ended up being a great thing after all. Thank you Ross for sharing your interesting career with us.

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Circle City Rotary- Service Project October 2018 | Corona, CA

Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 8th and 9th,  6 CCR Rotarians participated in the SACK Foundation Conference.  We were asked by Shirley, to please come to Crossroads Church in Corona where the conference is held and to interact with the 4th grade students that attended.  On Monday, Danny M.  Karen M. and myself participated.  We played Go Fish card game, a game called, Let’s Go Fishing, and we brought beads and string so the students could make day bracelets.  There was also a coloring station.  But the absolute biggest hit of the day was Danny’s puppy,  Adria, which is a therapy dog in training.  The children really enjoyed hearing Danny explain to them how she trains the puppy, and of course they got to pet her as well.  Adria was a real trooper that day and got lots of training in patience.  Tuesday, Gordy, Mark A. and Ray V. attended the conference. They had a great time engaging with the children.

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Guest Speaker: Beverly Michielson | Corona, CA

Last Wed we had the pleasure of listening to Beverly Michielson as our guest speaker.  Beverly works for the World Kindness Foundation and has been a friend of fellow Rotarian, Shirley Zink for over 20 years.  Beverly works with Children’s programming, and with woman’s and couples retreats as well.   The Foundation teaches to love people who don’t look like us, don’t pray like us, or who don’t think like us. They are into stopping bullying.  Bullies like to tell people what to do, and sometimes pressure them into doing things they do not wish to do. No one should control you. Beverly has written a book called, It’s Your Choice  Attitude And What You Want To Do With Your Life.  A good attitude, love, spirituality, kindness and consideration are all ways we want to treat others.  You learn all this by doing for others. How you treat other people is extremely important. Smile when you meet people, it lets them know you are inviting them into your world. She also wrote a song that is sung during the SACK Foundation Conference for 4th graders.  She divided our room into 4 sections and we all got to participate interactively while she taught us the song, and we sang along with her.  Initially some were a bit shy to participate, but by the end of our time, we were all laughing, singing and having a great time together.  This was a very fun and engaging experience for all!

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Bryan Reece | Corona, CA

On Wed. August 8th. Dr. Bryan Reece was our guest speaker. Also in attendance was Kevin Fleming, Vice President of Strategic Development for Norco College. Dr. Reece is the President of Norco College. Dr. Reece has a lot of passion for students and for the future vision of his school. A lot of high school graduates want to go to college. He wants to make room for all of them. Our region is growing and there are a lot of students that commute. These are topics that Dr. Reece discussed at our meeting, Economic Development: They would like to build a Photonics Center. These are high developed lasers. Workforce Development: To provide training and raise the skill level of employees, Community Development: We need to raise the Arts in the area. They are starting a partnership with the Corona Symphony. And they are working on curbing recidivism. They are going to offer an AA degree to incarcerated persons. Veterans Education: They are building a Veterans Resource Center so veterans that have had similar experiences can find each other and help one another. Academic Development:  Starting a dual enrollment program where the local high school seniors can also be enrolled at Norco College. When they graduate high school, they have also completed their first year of college and can begin their second year. He  would like to bring a BA presence to Norco College. It was very interesting to hear about all of these exciting ideas and programs that Dr. Reece has either implemented or would like to see implemented.

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Guest Speaker: Clint Lorimore | Corona, CA

Our last week’s speaker was Clint Lorimore.

Clint was a recipient of the Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship program.  This is now called the Peace Scholarship.

Clint got accepted into the program when he was 27 years old and was attending Claremont Graduate University while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Art and International Studies.  While in the Ambassadorial Scholarship program, Clint went to Singapore where he received a Master’s Degree in Science and Strategic Studies.  Emphasis on counter radicalization and terrorism.  Clint said that this experience was life enriching in countless ways.  Clint now serves as the elected Mayor of the city of Eastvale.  We really enjoyed hearing Clint’s talk about his participation in this worthwhile program.

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