Guest Speaker: Karen Speigel | Corona, CA

On May 22, Riverside County Supervisor, the Honorable Karen Spiegel, was our guest speaker today. This is the first time in 22 years that a woman has been elected to the board. There is a lot of diversity on this board, and it is comprised of five districts. Supervisor Spiegel’s District 2, covers 5 municipalities. They are Corona, Norco, Jurupa Valley, Eastvale and a portion of the city of Riverside. This is a non-partisan seat. She has retained some of past Supervisor John Taglione’s staff. She is allowing her chief of staff to select her staffers. She personally knows a lot of the people who have applied for various positions and prefers to not appear to be picking favorites. As soon as she was sworn in, her staff took away her paper calendar and now she strictly uses her phone’s calendar. She has about a  $2 million dollar budget. Karen has chosen not to open an office in Corona, because she rather give that money away to be used within the community.

There are four unincorporated areas in Riverside County. There are 22,000 Riverside county employees. Currently the county is in $22 million dollars of debt. County health care centers have contributed to this deficit and the county jails are another factor. Karen is working her best along with her fellow board members to mitigate some of these issues. She would also like to secure more funding for completing the 91 freeway expansion. The county also needs new voting machines and the state will help to defray some of the costs. It was a very informative talk and we thank Supervisor Spiegel for her service.

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