Guest Speaker: Gina Moran-McGough | Corona, CA

Our speaker this week was Gina Moran-McGough.  Gina is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the city of Corona.  She works through the Fire Department.  She is the one who interfaces with all the city departments in an emergency.  In an emergency three things may happen:  You may need to leave your home,  You may not be able to return to your home, or you may need to stay inside your home.  She talked about emergency preparedness.  The city must disseminate this information in order for it to receive Federal funds.  We got handouts about the type of items you need to have handy in case of an emergency.  We also received light sticks, and emergency blankets.  A couple of lucky Rotarians received a tool that is used to shut off gas and break windows, or used as a weapon.  It is in everyone’s best interest to be prepared in case  an emergency situation should arise.  We found the talk to be very informative indeed.  Thank you Gina!

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