Guest Speaker: Dr. Anthony Pirritano | Corona, CA

This past week we had our fellow Rotarian, Dr. Anthony Pirritano, give us a craft talk. Anthony spoke to us about Stem Cell procedures. Specifically PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma. Stem cells are like a tiny seed. They are usually retrieved from bone marrow or fatty tissue. These retrieval methods are unpleasant, but now they can be gotten from placental tissue. Stem cells can help re-grow cartilage. Patients are given an injection into their large joints and they feel better pretty quickly. Anthony says it’s a very expensive procedure. One tiny vial of Stem Cells can cost up to $2000. Also some doctors are not doing the procedures correctly. Anthony does all of his procedures in a surgical center, to help reduce the incidence of this patients getting an infection. Stem cells are helping patients that have multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s to name a few maladies. Thank you Anthony for your very informative talk.

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