New Member Alert! | Corona, CA

We have a new member in Circle City Rotary, John Michalski.  He is a romance travel specialist at LoveShack Vacations by John.  We are very happy to have John join our club!

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Circle City Rotary- Service Project October 2018 | Corona, CA

Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 8th and 9th,  6 CCR Rotarians participated in the SACK Foundation Conference.  We were asked by Shirley, to please come to Crossroads Church in Corona where the conference is held and to interact with the 4th grade students that attended.  On Monday, Danny M.  Karen M. and myself participated.  We played Go Fish card game, a game called, Let’s Go Fishing, and we brought beads and string so the students could make day bracelets.  There was also a coloring station.  But the absolute biggest hit of the day was Danny’s puppy,  Adria, which is a therapy dog in training.  The children really enjoyed hearing Danny explain to them how she trains the puppy, and of course they got to pet her as well.  Adria was a real trooper that day and got lots of training in patience.  Tuesday, Gordy, Mark A. and Ray V. attended the conference. They had a great time engaging with the children.

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Guest Speaker: Beverly Michielson | Corona, CA

Last Wed we had the pleasure of listening to Beverly Michielson as our guest speaker.  Beverly works for the World Kindness Foundation and has been a friend of fellow Rotarian, Shirley Zink for over 20 years.  Beverly works with Children’s programming, and with woman’s and couples retreats as well.   The Foundation teaches to love people who don’t look like us, don’t pray like us, or who don’t think like us. They are into stopping bullying.  Bullies like to tell people what to do, and sometimes pressure them into doing things they do not wish to do. No one should control you. Beverly has written a book called, It’s Your Choice  Attitude And What You Want To Do With Your Life.  A good attitude, love, spirituality, kindness and consideration are all ways we want to treat others.  You learn all this by doing for others. How you treat other people is extremely important. Smile when you meet people, it lets them know you are inviting them into your world. She also wrote a song that is sung during the SACK Foundation Conference for 4th graders.  She divided our room into 4 sections and we all got to participate interactively while she taught us the song, and we sang along with her.  Initially some were a bit shy to participate, but by the end of our time, we were all laughing, singing and having a great time together.  This was a very fun and engaging experience for all!

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Guest Speaker: Bill Steinkirchner | Corona, CA

Last week’s speaker was none other than our own fellow Rotarian, Bill Steinkirchner. Bill is the proud owner of our local microbrewery Stone Church Brewing. He spoke to us about his upcoming event, Amber Waves of Grain Craft Beer Festival. It will be held at Dos Lagos on Nov. 3rd from 12:00 pm to 4:30 pm. Tickets are $40. This is the third year that this wonderful fundraiser will take place. All net proceeds are given to veteran non-profit groups registered 501 (c) 3. This event is a time for all armed forces veterans to come together and help those who have also served. The individuals that will be pouring the microbrewery beers are veterans themselves and they will be able to display their memorabilia to share with everyone. There will be 40 microbreweries and a few home brewers this year as well. This fundraiser is staffed by all volunteers. There will be a parade beforehand to kick off the event. All-American Riders is one of the non-profits that works with this event, as is Christmas Dinner for Homeless Vets. I had the pleasure of attending last year, and it was a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to going again this year.  Great event for a great cause! Thanks Bill, a true act of service above self.

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Guest Speaker: Wes Speake | Corona, CA

Wes Speake is here today to talk about the Flagler Trophy. This was handed out in the Corona Road Races. John Flagler was a land owner in Corona who donated the trophy “worth at least $5,000” to be given to the winner of the race (1913-1917).

Corona road race- racers would drive 100 mph when the average car during that time drove 10mph!

These racers were rockstars of their time.

1915- no race (the town took a break)

Resumed in 1916. Eddie O’Donnell won that yr. Eddie gave the trophy to his folks to hold on to and it was not seen again until it was tracked down by Wes. Wes has since gone to Indiana where the trophy is and had photos taken of it. Wes is working on trying to get the trophy back to Corona(at least for a visit!). They are planning on making a 3D model of the trophy (cost would be $5,000). The Library or The Heritage Museum would be a great place to display this replica according to Wes.

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