Member News: Three Cheers for Our Honorees! | Corona, CA

Jeff Fraser with Master Stream ERP and his nominee Heidi Juarez
Linda Pearson with the Corona Regional Medical Center and her nominee Pilar Triguero

June 5th our Rotary Club had 2 employee honorees as our guests.  They were recognized by fellow Rotarians,  Linda Pearson with the Corona Regional Medical Center nominated Pilar Triguero and Jeff Fraser with Master Stream ERP nominated Heidi Juarez.  These folks were nominated for their outstanding work at these companies.  Bill Steinkirchner owner of Stone Church, also nominated 2 employees who could not join us for our meeting.  Well done everyone!

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Circle City Rotary has an Exchange Student 2018-19! | Corona, CA

Fellow Rotarian, Karen Maldonado, and her family have welcomed a Rotary Exchange Student into their home for the school year.  Her name is Ula Gilewska.

She is 17 years old and comes from Poland. She has 4 sisters and a brother. Her father is a cardiologist and her mom is a child psychologist.  She will be attending Santiago High School in Corona along with their daughter, Cameron. She is interested in improving her English speaking skills, and would also like to learn more Spanish.

The Maldonado’s have taken Ula out to Crystal Cove, and to Huntington Beach twice. They have also taken her on a volunteer outing with Inspire Life Skills.  Ula is anxious to start school next week and is looking forward to meeting some new friends.

We at Circle City Rotary are excited to show Ula a good time. We are providing her with some spending money each month, and a lot of us have signed up to take her out to lunch and/or an excursion as well.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ula at a brunch Karen set up with her family and my husband and I.  I will be acting as Ula’s counselor throughout the time she is here.  She recently came to our Rotary meeting and enjoyed breakfast with us and we all got a chance to say hello. Welcome to U. S. A. Ula!  We are glad you are here!

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New Member Alert! | Corona, CA

This past week we inducted our newest member into Circle City Rotary!!  Chris Glinski.  He works for Pacific Premier Bank and was invited to join by his friend, Chris Miller.

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