Guest Speaker: Chris Miller | Corona, CA

Our speaker on Feb. 13th was none other than fellow Rotarian Chris Miller. Chris is a long time Rotary member and his topic was leaving your legacy. Chris’ family moved to Corona when he was very young. His parents purchased Thomas Miller Mortuary, the longest operating business in the city of Corona. This business began in 1891! His parents began to get involved with volunteering. His father joined the Lions Club and his mom joined the Soroptomist. Chris states he acquired his work ethic from his parents. He also says that his parents were/are excellent examples of what it means to give. When Chris joined Rotary at the ripe old age of 25, he says he used to bring his baby daughter to meetings while his wife went to work. He says he has been blessed with a very successful business and enjoys giving back to the community. Rotarians all want to give back, that’s why we joined the club! Thank you Chris for your many years of caring giving!

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