Guest Speaker: Shirley Zink | Corona, CA

Last week’s speaker was none other than our own fellow Rotarian, Shirley Zink.    Shirley and her husband Don, sadly lost their son in 1998 to suicide, and turned their deep grief into the S.A.C.K. Foundation, which is simple acts of caring and kindness.  Their son had been bullied in elementary school for many years without their knowledge.  This turned into depression, which was never diagnosed.  The Zinks did not want this to happen to any more families.  Shirley says her faith teaches her to be better not bitter. The SACK Foundation has a desire to help children live, laugh and love in a bully-free environment.  The Corona-Norco USD is involved with the SACK Foundation.  All fourth graders in the district are taught the SACK program. They are taught to care about each other and their community.  PTAs are integrating the SACK program.  They convene  2 days  a year at Crossroads Church in Corona where all the fourth graders meet and listen to speakers.  Grandma Rose and John Pritikin are two of the kids favorites.  There is another project that Shirley is involved with, and it’s called the World Kindness Project. There are 64 countries currently participating. Shirley received a phone call from Australian Michael Lloyd White, and he has asked Shirley to help him get the USA involved. Together they have gathered over 50 non-profits in the US to be involved in this project.  Shirley is an ambassador for World Kindness USA for the Corona area.  To say we are proud of Shirley would be an understatement.

She is a true example of what it means to be a Rotarian.  Service above Self.

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