Circle City Rotary- Service Project October 2018 | Corona, CA

Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 8th and 9th,  6 CCR Rotarians participated in the SACK Foundation Conference.  We were asked by Shirley, to please come to Crossroads Church in Corona where the conference is held and to interact with the 4th grade students that attended.  On Monday, Danny M.  Karen M. and myself participated.  We played Go Fish card game, a game called, Let’s Go Fishing, and we brought beads and string so the students could make day bracelets.  There was also a coloring station.  But the absolute biggest hit of the day was Danny’s puppy,  Adria, which is a therapy dog in training.  The children really enjoyed hearing Danny explain to them how she trains the puppy, and of course they got to pet her as well.  Adria was a real trooper that day and got lots of training in patience.  Tuesday, Gordy, Mark A. and Ray V. attended the conference. They had a great time engaging with the children.

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Guest Speaker: Beverly Michielson | Corona, CA

Last Wed we had the pleasure of listening to Beverly Michielson as our guest speaker.  Beverly works for the World Kindness Foundation and has been a friend of fellow Rotarian, Shirley Zink for over 20 years.  Beverly works with Children’s programming, and with woman’s and couples retreats as well.   The Foundation teaches to love people who don’t look like us, don’t pray like us, or who don’t think like us. They are into stopping bullying.  Bullies like to tell people what to do, and sometimes pressure them into doing things they do not wish to do. No one should control you. Beverly has written a book called, It’s Your Choice  Attitude And What You Want To Do With Your Life.  A good attitude, love, spirituality, kindness and consideration are all ways we want to treat others.  You learn all this by doing for others. How you treat other people is extremely important. Smile when you meet people, it lets them know you are inviting them into your world. She also wrote a song that is sung during the SACK Foundation Conference for 4th graders.  She divided our room into 4 sections and we all got to participate interactively while she taught us the song, and we sang along with her.  Initially some were a bit shy to participate, but by the end of our time, we were all laughing, singing and having a great time together.  This was a very fun and engaging experience for all!

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Guest Speaker: Shirley Zink | Corona, CA

Last week’s speaker was none other than our own fellow Rotarian, Shirley Zink.    Shirley and her husband Don, sadly lost their son in 1998 to suicide, and turned their deep grief into the S.A.C.K. Foundation, which is simple acts of caring and kindness.  Their son had been bullied in elementary school for many years without their knowledge.  This turned into depression, which was never diagnosed.  The Zinks did not want this to happen to any more families.  Shirley says her faith teaches her to be better not bitter. The SACK Foundation has a desire to help children live, laugh and love in a bully-free environment.  The Corona-Norco USD is involved with the SACK Foundation.  All fourth graders in the district are taught the SACK program. They are taught to care about each other and their community.  PTAs are integrating the SACK program.  They convene  2 days  a year at Crossroads Church in Corona where all the fourth graders meet and listen to speakers.  Grandma Rose and John Pritikin are two of the kids favorites.  There is another project that Shirley is involved with, and it’s called the World Kindness Project. There are 64 countries currently participating. Shirley received a phone call from Australian Michael Lloyd White, and he has asked Shirley to help him get the USA involved. Together they have gathered over 50 non-profits in the US to be involved in this project.  Shirley is an ambassador for World Kindness USA for the Corona area.  To say we are proud of Shirley would be an understatement.

She is a true example of what it means to be a Rotarian.  Service above Self.

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