Guest Speaker: Erin Fitzgerald | Corona, CA

Our speaker this past week was Erin Fitzgerald.  She came to enlighten us about the National Charity League.  This organization was first started in California in 1925.  It is a registered non-profit 501 (c) 3.  It is a service organization made up of Mothers and Daughters.   When Erin’s daughter did not wish to continue with Girl Scouts, Erin sought out other community groups that her daughter could get involved with.  She met a couple of other local moms, and together they started a NCL chapter here in our city of Corona. They needed to start with 25 members, and 4 philanthropic charities.  The 3 pillars of the National Charity League are, leadership, culture, and philanthropy.  The girls join the league when they are in 7th grade and continue along with their mothers,  until the 12th grade. They hold separate meetings from each other, and have their own executive boards.  Each girl is required to serve on the board at least once during her tenure. The mothers are referred to as Patronesses and the girls are called Tick Tocks.  The tick tock name came about because the girls used to eye the clock to see when they could begin their volunteer work.  The NCL does no fundraising, they each pay dues into the league.  Being a part of  the NCL  make the members feel good to  be able to make a difference in their community.  They, along with their mothers, enjoy being of service.  Rotarians can relate to this organization, being of service is what being in Rotary is all about!  We had lots of questions for Erin.  She said at the beginning of her talk that she was not a good public speaker, we beg to differ.  She did an excellent job in sharing with us what the National Charity League is all about.  Kudos to Erin!

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