Guest Speaker: Wes Speake | Corona, CA

Wes Speake is here today to talk about the Flagler Trophy. This was handed out in the Corona Road Races. John Flagler was a land owner in Corona who donated the trophy “worth at least $5,000” to be given to the winner of the race (1913-1917).

Corona road race- racers would drive 100 mph when the average car during that time drove 10mph!

These racers were rockstars of their time.

1915- no race (the town took a break)

Resumed in 1916. Eddie O’Donnell won that yr. Eddie gave the trophy to his folks to hold on to and it was not seen again until it was tracked down by Wes. Wes has since gone to Indiana where the trophy is and had photos taken of it. Wes is working on trying to get the trophy back to Corona(at least for a visit!). They are planning on making a 3D model of the trophy (cost would be $5,000). The Library or The Heritage Museum would be a great place to display this replica according to Wes.

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