Guest Speaker: Dr. Bryan Reece | Corona, CA

On Wed. August 8th. Dr. Bryan Reece was our guest speaker. Also in attendance was Kevin Fleming, Vice President of Strategic Development for Norco College. Dr. Reece is the President of Norco College. Dr. Reece has a lot of passion for students and for the future vision of his school. A lot of high school graduates want to go to college. He wants to make room for all of them. Our region is growing and there are a lot of students that commute. These are topics that Dr. Reece discussed at our meeting, Economic Development: They would like to build a Photonics Center. These are high developed lasers. Workforce Development: To provide training and raise the skill level of employees, Community Development: We need to raise the Arts in the area. They are starting a partnership with the Corona Symphony. And they are working on curbing recidivism. They are going to offer an AA degree to incarcerated persons. Veterans Education: They are building a Veterans Resource Center so veterans that have had similar experiences can find each other and help one another. Academic Development:  Starting a dual enrollment program where the local high school seniors can also be enrolled at Norco College. When they graduate high school, they have also completed their first year of college and can begin their second year. He  would like to bring a BA presence to Norco College. It was very interesting to hear about all of these exciting ideas and programs that Dr. Reece has either implemented or would like to see implemented.

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