Guest Speakers: Jo Dee Slyter and Thoibi Rublaitus | Corona, CA

Our speakers today  March 14th, were Jo Dee Slyter and Thoibi Rublaitus from Corona-Norco Adult Education School. Jo Dee is the principal of Adult Ed. and Thoibi is the vice principal. Both speakers  were very passionate about their jobs. Adults need educational classes but also technical classes.  The adult school mission is to provide adult learners educational opportunities and services, promote transitional readiness, and prepare each individual to become a productive member of the community. They offer English as a second language course. They also offer certification courses. These classes are short term and can be completed in 8 weeks. This is a very doable program. All students that complete the program go either directly into the workforce or they go onto higher education. Thank you both for this informative talk.

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