Guest Speakers: Maykala Sullivan and Brian Young | Corona, CA

At our June 19th meeting, we had two speakers. First speaker was Maykala Sullivan, who is fellow Rotarian Don Garling’s granddaughter. Maykala attends Santiago High School and she wrote an award-winning 4 Way speech which she read to our club. Her speech was about bringing awareness to mental health issues in teens. Mental health is at an all-time high in the U.S. Anxiety, depression and stress are the three growing issues in our society. Maykala is advocating for a course in mindfulness to be taught in schools. Mindfulness can and does improve the lives of people who suffer from mental issues. Congratulations Maykala, for your very informative and award winning speech. And thank you for shedding some much needed light on this topic.

Our second speaker was fellow Rotarian Brian Young. Brian is the Corona City Fire Chief. Brian shared with us about a new initiative that Corona Fire is working on. It has to do with the Corona Fire Department working with other local agencies concerning the wildlife interface. The city of Corona abuts with 12 miles of the Cleveland National Forest. The new non-profit formed is The Fire Safe Council. Local Home Owners Associations are invited to join the council. There are currently 87 HOAs that share a border with the CNF. Brian also talked about steps we can take as homeowners to protect against wildlife fire. He also discussed the new fire department app called Pulse Point. This app lets you know where and when an emergency is unfolding in our city. Any time the Fire department is called out, it shows up on Pulse Point. Thank you Brian, for all you do in keeping residents safe. And for sharing this important information with our club.

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A Little News About Our Rotary Exchange Student… | Corona, CA

Ula Gilewska is from Poland and she has been living with member Karen Maldonado and her family since August of 2018.  She arrived during the Holy Fire out in the Cleveland National Forest.  Ula attends Santiago High School and is currently a junior.  She has been on several trips through the Rotary Youth Exchange program.  And the Maldonado family has taken her to Las Vegas and several times to the beach.  She spent New Year’s Eve in Oceanside with a friend she met through the Youth Exchange.  She is enjoying her time here and loves the California beaches.  She also says the teachers here in the States are very helpful to the students, more so than in her country.  She will be staying here until her time to return home in June.

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Guest Speaker: Trixie Anderson | Corona, CA

Wed. Oct. 24th Patricia “Trixie” Anderson with the Corona Parks Foundation, came and spoke to our club. Trixie wants everyone to think about the Cleveland National Forest when they hear about Corona. The city of Corona shares a 12 mile border with the CNF. The Corona Parks Foundation is a group of volunteers that meet once a month and has a board of directors. Trixie is the Vice President and Treasurer of the Foundation. The mission statement of the group, is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Corona by promoting and providing parks and recreation programs for citizens of all ages which strengthen and unite the community. Trixie shared with us the various trails in the city, with Skyline Drive being the most popular and prominent of them all. Skyline Drive trail was founded on May 4th 1927. On June 10th 2017, a group of local hikers and historians met on the trail to recreate the original photograph taken in 1927. We thank Trixie for coming to CCR to talk about all the great hiking and biking trails that are in our wonderful city.

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