Guest Speakers: Michele Nissen and Mark Allert | Corona, CA

Former Acting Corona City Manager Michele Nissen and fellow Rotarian Mark Allert were our guest speakers today.  They came to speak about the workshops the city has been conducting with Mayor Jason Scott, councilmembers Yolanda Carillo and Jim Steiner about our city’s homelessness problem.  Mark pointed out that there is a temptation to turn to despair amongst the homeless. We have a team in Corona made up of two police officers and it’s called the HOPE team.  They work 4 days a week for 10 hour shifts.  They interact with our homeless population to try to steer them in the direction they need to go to receive services.  Homelessness is a problem that has been around for centuries.  The city of Corona has contracted out to an outreach service called City Net.  They are a nonprofit and they are getting a count of how many homeless residents live in our city.  A lot of Corona’s homeless population grew up in the city and still have family members that reside here.  About 75% of the homeless in Corona have drug and alcohol addictions.  About 20% have mental illness. There are a lot of organizations in Corona that want to help the homeless, but they lack a coordinated effort.  The homeless need a wraparound type of service.  Thank you Michele and Mark for this very informative talk today. We as Rotarians have a lot of compassion for our fellow man and would love to see this terrible issue resolved.

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