Fire & Ice Chili Cook-Off & Craft Beer Festival 2019 | Corona, CA

On Feb. 23rd  Circle City Rotary had our 5th Annual Fire and Ice Fundraiser. It was held once again at Dos Lagos. The event was a HUGE success!!! Thanks to all the committee members who planned the event, fellow Rotary members who participated in the event, along with our wonderful volunteers from various non-profits and local high schools. This event wouldn’t be a success without our fabulous sponsors and all the lovely people who came to sample chili and vote for People’s Choice, and taste the beers donated by awesome micro brewers. A very heartfelt THANK YOU to ALL!! The weather was perfect, snow on the mountains in front of us and behind us! Great music by The K-Tel All-Stars! They were a huge hit once again. Lots of fun for all ages!! Be sure to come and join us next year on Sat. Feb. 29th 2020. Leap Year!

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Guest Speaker: Chris Miller | Corona, CA

Our speaker on Feb. 13th was none other than fellow Rotarian Chris Miller. Chris is a long time Rotary member and his topic was leaving your legacy. Chris’ family moved to Corona when he was very young. His parents purchased Thomas Miller Mortuary, the longest operating business in the city of Corona. This business began in 1891! His parents began to get involved with volunteering. His father joined the Lions Club and his mom joined the Soroptomist. Chris states he acquired his work ethic from his parents. He also says that his parents were/are excellent examples of what it means to give. When Chris joined Rotary at the ripe old age of 25, he says he used to bring his baby daughter to meetings while his wife went to work. He says he has been blessed with a very successful business and enjoys giving back to the community. Rotarians all want to give back, that’s why we joined the club! Thank you Chris for your many years of caring giving!

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Guest Speaker: Rudy & Karyn Westerville | Corona, CA

On Jan. 30th our guest speakers were Rudy and Karyn Westerville. They came to speak about Rotary World Peace Conference which will take place on Jan. 17-18 2020 at the Ontario Convention Center. There are 6 local Rotary districts, including ours, that put this conference together. Experts are brought in to discuss various problems that are occurring at the local level. They seek solutions to these problems. After the last Peace Conference, a human trafficking network was shut down. Launch Detroit and Atlanta started to help revive those cities. Micro loans were made available to help new entrepreneurs. They also try to find solutions to cyber bullying, domestic violence, gun violence and homelessness.   Also to help find solutions to stop illiteracy, to curb alcohol and drug abuse. At the conference attending Rotarians are taught to find solutions to all of these issues. This convention is focused on Peace and in seeking solutions to all these worldwide problems.  This convention will be open to the public, you do not need to be a Rotarian to attend. The Solutions to Peace Foundation donated $35k to the Paradise Rotary Club to assist the victims of the Paradise Fire.  This was a very interesting and informative topic. Our thanks to fellow Rotarians, the Westervilles.

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Member News! | Corona, CA

We would like to congratulate Don Garling and Linda Pearson for achieving their Sapphire Level Rotary pins!

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Guest Speaker: Gina Moran-McGough | Corona, CA

Our speaker this week was Gina Moran-McGough.  Gina is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the city of Corona.  She works through the Fire Department.  She is the one who interfaces with all the city departments in an emergency.  In an emergency three things may happen:  You may need to leave your home,  You may not be able to return to your home, or you may need to stay inside your home.  She talked about emergency preparedness.  The city must disseminate this information in order for it to receive Federal funds.  We got handouts about the type of items you need to have handy in case of an emergency.  We also received light sticks, and emergency blankets.  A couple of lucky Rotarians received a tool that is used to shut off gas and break windows, or used as a weapon.  It is in everyone’s best interest to be prepared in case  an emergency situation should arise.  We found the talk to be very informative indeed.  Thank you Gina!

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